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It s in late 2006 that Alexis Damien (Drums, guitars,bass, keyboards, grunt, production, songwritting)launched his new project PUWD (formerly Esthete Piggie), soon to be joined by female vocalist Asphodel (Vocals, songwritting, artwork). The multi-faceted musician s inspiration coupled to Asphodel s immeasurable vocal range and brilliance soon gave birth to their first album « 2 Unlimited », released on Ascendance records. The style was described as some gothic with death and progressive metal, as well as throwing funk, jazz and other experimentations into the mix, melding together to create an utterly unique and bizarre blend of styles and moods

The album received rave reviews worldwide despite being everything but catchy!

« Utterly Brilliant and a blast from start to finish! » 10/10

Powerplay Magazine

« there s more talent here than in a million identikit Goth Metal bands put together »

Metal Review

For a band who deliver pop, metal, gospel, funk, soul and more in the first 4 songs of an album, Pin Up gave me a welcome boot in the sack with 2 Unlimited. It’s an astonishing debut.

Metal Team UK

On the 5th of september 2009, with the help of session musicians coming from all over France, the band gave their very first live show in Lyon, (Fr) during the « H’elles On Stage » festival. Crowd and media unanimously confirmed that PUWD achieved the challenge of commuting the intricate madness of « 2 Unlimited » into something coherent and highly enjoyable even for the rookies in the crowd !

If « 2 Unlimited » surprised by its originality, « 342 » s most significant feature might be maturity. Still extremely innovative and original, this new opus also gained in accessibility. More technical and elaborated, yet more cohesive and diversified. Asphodel seems to have found the perfect balance between unrestrained sickness and emotional beauty. She also delivers some impressive growls that may lead to questioning her feminity ! And as usual, no pitch or overdubs have been added in the studio!

Alexis Damien recorded once again most instruments, managing to deal with songwriting, playing, recording and mixing « 342 » while exploring new musical territories, transcending his own bounderies and showing new faces of his talent one didn t expect to hear. The new addition to the band is Alexis  brother Nicolas Damien taking charge of piano parts.

And as special guest, Andy Schmidt from the german band Disillusion appears (courtesy of Metal Blade) on the song « Vaginaal Nathrakh » !

No doubt that  342″ will put Pin-Up Went Down on the map, showing their new and different musical approach compared to their first effort.

In autumn 2012, PUWD launched his new EP album, « B-Sides », 5 new titles. This album is featuring Romain Greffe (Keyboards) on 2 titles.

In 2014, Asphodel left the band. Alexis goes on alone.